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Sexton's Market, Ltd.

Now, a proven leader, a lifelong innovator and longtime growth-driving executive can be part of your team.  Whether you hire Neil Sexton to consult with you, speak for you or provide his unique perspective to your promotional product strategies, you will soon learn the power of "MaximumBenefit"™.  Call, email or text today for a free consultation to help determine if Neil can help your business as he has so many others.


Add a deeply experienced resource that is able to help with the latest technology but…still understands the fundamentals of building a quality business.


Help step outside the day to day routine, bring fresh ideas and teach your people that hard work leads to success.


A professional voice-over with the ability to deliver exactly what they promise so that they meet the needs of your video.

Imprint Central

Why ask your team to be promotional products experts when they have so many other important things to do?  Let Neil Sexton's 34 years of experience with promos, and over 40 years of management and leadership become a part of your team.  No payroll dollars, just bandwidth for your teams and an innovative and enthusiastic resource to help.

Unlimited Product Availabilty & "Oceans of Notions" on how to use them!

Terrific selection of products from every industry leading suppliers with exclusive ImprintCentral pricing and expertise!

Eco-Friendly "Green" ideas...

Thankfully, environmentally friendly and sustainable products that reinforce your message while being responsible to the earth are a major trend in the promotional products business today. No one is more attuned to these trends are better positioned to help you "do well by doing good" than ImprintCentral and Neil Sexton!

Eco-Friendly "Green" ideas...

Kaeser & Blair has been in the promotional product business for more than 125 years.  That is why Neil and ImprintCentral have been proud to partner with K&B for over 20 years now.  As an authorized Kaeser & Blair dealer, ImprintCentral has access to over a million products at highly competitive prices.  As the promotional product company that Neil Sexton leads, you get the power of a seasoned executive helping you and your team arrive at the best ideas and products to achieve your objectives.  A winning combination if ever there was one!

Looking for new ways to reach customers?

Innovative action plans and promotional products to increase your sales.


Outsourcing key functions to improve performance and save money!

Whether you are seeking outsourced IT partners to help with your ERP system, application development or ecommerce...Neil can help.  Hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, dozens of meetings with proven companies, years of direct experience using outsources services all have come to the right place!


Better content...better outcomes...

Sometimes... One great idea can make all the difference! Why wait? Start generating "Oceans of Notions" to help your business...TODAY!


Give "voice" to your ideas! (and give ideas to your voice!)

"Enthusiasm is a little thing that makes a big difference" W. Clement Stone said it...and now EVERYONE knows it!  Neil Sexton can help you get your message across and heard through the 'noise' that is so loud in today's business world.  As another wise business person once told me:  "Be positive or...Be quiet"!!


2020 brings a new decade and…a new phase in the business life of Neil Sexton. While remaining with Northern Safety (NSI) in a new reduced role after 13 years as President & COO, Neil is now also pursuing a limited number of new "passion projects".  Exciting times!

NSI has grown many fold in the time Neil has been involved with the company. In 2015 NSI became part of Kunzelsau, Germany based industrial distribution giant The Würth Group, with over 75,000 employees and billions in sales worldwide. In this powerhouse partnership, the company is poised for dramatic growth ahead. Neil will continue to work toward ongoing success for NSI.  Now, Neil is also available to assist select clients with, non-competitive to NSI, businesses improvement opportunities.  Exciting times indeed!

Neil Sexton's successful leadership and management career now spans over 40 years. Neil has deep experience in business-to-business sales, tele-sales, marketing, technology, operations and training. Prior to joining Northern Safety, Mr. Sexton held senior management positions at Sunrise Publications (1981-1986). He also held executive positions with Successories (1986-1996) during which time revenue grew exponentially and he was directly involved in taking the company public.